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How Religious Believers and Nonbelievers Can Create Strong Marriages and Loving Families

Dale McGowan

AMACOM Books (2014)

Marriage today looks very different from the past, when Catholics married Catholics and evangelicals married evangelicals. Shifting demographics, changing worldviews, and abandoned orthodoxies make who we marry an open question. And more and more, people who identify as religious are partnering with those from the growing secular ranks. Can these marriages survive the conflicts and challenges ahead?

Absolutely, reports award-winning author and noted secular humanist Dale McGowan. His own loving marriage to a religious believer testifies to the enduring strength of religious/nonreligious unions. But his story is only one of many. In Faith and In Doubt recounts the setbacks and successes of eight other couples as they navigate the minefields of mixed-belief marriage…reveals eye-opening findings from the author’s original survey…teases out helpful insights from the published research…and paints a nuanced picture of religious practices today, with guidance for crossing the belief gap — happily, and for the long term.

Filled with illuminating quizzes and surprising revelations, the book distills the sweeping investigation into a set of practical lessons learned, including how to:

  • Locate the belief/nonbelief combinations that work best together
  • Communicate with respect and find common ground
  • Blend divergent ideas into a beautiful wedding ceremony
  • Decide on holidays, churchgoing, baptism, circumcision, and more
  • Raise religiously literate children and bridge childrearing differences

In Faith and In Doubt gives couples the information, inspiration, and confidence for forging successful unions amidst dissimilar beliefs, and a rare window into the extraordinary richness their differences can bring to the relationship, their children, and those around them.

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